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Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medicine services with travel clinics throughout the United States including Columbia.
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While travel medicine is our specialty, we also respond to our community's need for specialty vaccines that are not necessarily related to travel. We offer protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle including Shingles, HPV (cervical cancer), Influenza (flu) and Hepatitis A & B among others. Click the button to view our full lineup of vaccinations.
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Passport Health Columbia, MD

Passport Health Columbia

Located in the Medical Arts Building on the Howard County General Campus, Passport Health of Columbia provides travel health consultations and immunizations for travel and general wellness. After-hours and weekend appointments are available.

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We have Flublok® in stock, as well as various other flu vaccine options, including High Dose, quadrivalent, Flumist Nasal Spray, and preservative-free!

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Vitamin B-12 Shots are available!

B-12 injections can increase energy levels, increase memory and concentration, facilitate weight loss and more. Learn more about Vitamin B-12 injections.

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