Inside Passport Health: August 2015

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Welcome to Inside Passport Health, a monthly overview of what is happening within the Passport Health network of 250+ clinics across North America. This month, we are pleased to update you on new web pages designed to help users find exactly what they need, a new blog email system (which you may have noticed!). and an interview with one of the exceptional nurses within the Passport Health Network. Let’s get started!

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Do I Need A Travel Medicine Specialist?


When traveling abroad, there are a variety of options for travel health and travel medicine. Many individuals don’t know where to go or what to do when starting their journey. Often, these individuals embark on a long search, but what they find may not be best option for them. We’ll look at some of the pre-travel options and consider what is best for travelers visiting various places around the globe.

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Why Do I Need an Annual Flu Shot?

Annual Flu Shot

The trickiest part about flu shots isn’t that they involve needles or visiting a clinic but rather how they are made. Often people ask, “Why do I need a yearly flu shot?” It’s a common question that many Passport Health clients ask on a regular basis, whether it is in a clinic or at an on-site event. The answer is simple, but there are complications that underlie the explanation.

To explain, let’s look at measles. The disease that made headlines just seven months ago as it slowly spread to various regions within the United States, Canada and Mexico only requires two injections at a young age to provide full coverage and then potentially a booster depending on exposure. This is very different from influenza which requires a yearly injection, even if someone is not in a high-risk group.

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