Flu Report: Announcing Passport Health Flu Week

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This week is Passport Health’s Flu Week, and our blog this week is dedicated to the important topic of influenza. With the CDC’s official start of influenza season just around the corner, we look at what is happening in flu spread and news around the world, and what these developments may mean for the coming 2015-2016 flu season.

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Seniors and the Flu: Protection Through Vaccination

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As part of our series of Passport Health Flu Week blog posts, we look at the importance influenza vaccination plays in senior health. The National Council on Aging has been working to help seniors and others understand the importance of influenza vaccination for years. The organization is currently running it’s Flu+You campaign to help raise awareness of the need for a flu shot among this demographic.

Today, we are featuring a guest post by Kathleen Cameron, BS Pharm, MPH, Senior Director at the National Council on Aging. Kathleen has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare field as a pharmacist, researcher and program director focusing on falls prevention, geriatric pharmacotherapy, mental health, long-term services and supports, and care giving.

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Is Getting A Flu Shot Worth It?

Flu Vaccine

The weather is getting colder and the holiday season will soon be upon us. The onset of the winter months also means something else: flu season. This season should be taken seriously, for good reason.

According to the CDC, the influenza virus causes millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths annually. While these statistics are sobering, many consumers still have questions about the effectiveness, cost and side effects of a flu shot. Some may ask, “Is a flu shot even worth it?”

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Should I Get My Visa On Arrival?

Stamped Passport

Visas can be categorized in 2 very basic ways: visas in advance and visas on arrival.

Many countries, such as China, Brazil, Russia, India, Cameroon and Kenya, require that you have a visa in advance before you are allowed to enter. For these countries, no visa means no trip. In this case, the choice is simple: you must get your visa before you go.

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