Should I Get My Visa On Arrival?

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Visas can be categorized in 2 very basic ways: visas in advance and visas on arrival.

Many countries, such as China, Brazil, Russia, India, Cameroon and Kenya, require that you have a visa in advance before you are allowed to enter. For these countries, no visa means no trip. In this case, the choice is simple: you must get your visa before you go.

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Flu Report: Preparing for the Start of Flu Season

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This past week was another slow week for flu activity in the United States as we near the Centers for Disease Control’s official start of the 2015-2016 flu season. But, while we wait, we have news on decreasing infection rates around the world and potential new drugs that could help save the lives of those who have caught the flu. Read on for more information!

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Do I Need A Polio Vaccine After The Ukraine Outbreak?

Ukrainian Girl

Packed suitcase? Check. Passport? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Polio Vaccine?…

Planning a trip to a foreign country is exciting. Most of us start organizing all the things we need days or weeks in advance to make sure we are adequately prepared for our next adventure. As exciting as travel is, do not let excitement get in the way of taking proper health precautions. Researching tips on how to stay healthy is useful, but it is also necessary to add “update vaccinations” to the pre-travel checklist. Some of the countries you may be traveling to have endemic diseases that are not common in the U.S. such as yellow fever or typhoid, so you are unlikely to be vaccinated against them. In other cases, a country may be experiencing a rare outbreak of a disease, making it even more important to get that booster shot.

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry (Too Much) About the Bubonic Plague

Bubonic Plague

In recent years, a disease most commonly associated with history textbooks has been making the news in various regions throughout the world. The bubonic plague, or ‘Black Death’ as it may have been called in your history class, has killed individuals in North America and throughout the world at an increased rate from previous years.

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