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Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medical services in the United States with 200+ travel clinics nationwide including Woburn.
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The Vaccine Specialists – More Than Just Travel

Vaccine Specialists

While travel medicine is our specialty, we also respond to our community's need for specialty vaccines that are not necessarily related to travel. We offer protective vaccines for a healthy lifestyle including Shingles, HPV (cervical cancer), Influenza (flu) and Hepatitis A & B among others. Click the button to view our full lineup of vaccinations.
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Passport Health Woburn, MA

Passport Health Woburn

Passport Health Woburn provides travelers with travel immunizations, health care information, and general wellness tips to apply while abroad to maintain health and ensure a safe trip home. We specialize in yellow fever vaccination and certification. Wherever your destination, we’ll help you prepare appropriately and provide destination-specific health information to keep you informed and aware.