Zambia Entry Requirements

Entering Zambia requires travelers to plan early and be organized. There are three aspects in particular that visitors should pay attention to.

1. Expiration date.
A passport must be valid for six months after the date of departure from Zambia.

2. Visa type.
Decide whether you need a single entry versus multiple entry visa, and note that the fees for each type of visa differ. Know which type you need and plan accordingly.

3. Blank pages.
Zambia requires two blank passport pages when entering the country. Be diligent about staying up to date on all necessary requirements to enter the country.

While one might assume that the entry into Zambia would be seamless after so many steps in order to obtain a visa, the reality is that the process can be different from what might be expected. The US State Department paints the following vignette:

At the time of entry, the immigration officer will take your fingerprints and stamp your passport with the permitted length of stay. Typically, an immigration officer will admit an U.S. citizen for the exact number of days requested, up to a maximum of thirty days. If you do not have definite departure plans, you may want to request admission for thirty days on arrival in the country. If you wish to stay longer than your initial period of entry, you may visit an immigration office in any of the 73 districts to obtain an extension. There is no charge for this service. Avoid using “consultants” who request a fee for what is an otherwise free service. Foreigners are allowed no more than two thirty-day extensions (for a total time of 90 days). If you wish to stay in Zambia more than three months, you must apply for a National Registration Card (NRC); this blue-colored card for non-Zambians is the equivalent of the standard green-colored NRC carried by Zambian citizens and costs approximately $10 in local currency.

Zambian Immigration officials insist that visitors carry the original or a certified copy of their passport and immigration permit at all times. Certified copies must be obtained from the immigration office that issued the permit. If your passport is lost or stolen while you are in Zambia, visit the Zambian Department of Immigration office to apply for a replacement entry permit before attempting to depart the country; there is no charge for this permit. Read More…

Entry and Exit requirements can change. Familiarize yourself with the most current mandates by visiting the Zambian Immigration website.