Kenya Packing List Essentials

Kenya packing listBefore traveling to Kenya, it’s imperative that you visit your local travel clinic and create a solid packing list. Diseases that are uncommon or that have been eradicated from the United States often present risks to travelers exploring the African continent. To keep yourself safe and healthy, be sure to visit your travel health specialist and add these seven essential things to your Kenya packing list.

1. Prepare for a variety of climates.

Kenya: the name itself conjures up images of plains of dry grasses, acacia trees, and breathtaking sunsets; however, the temperature can vary greatly throughout the country. Prepare yourself for the unexpected cold of Nairobi and the extreme heat encountered while hiking in Hell’s Gate National Park by bringing layer clothing practical for both environments.

2. Immunization Papers.

Immunization papers will be critical to have during times when Kenya requires proof of vaccination for entry. Yellow Fever vaccination and certification, although not currently required for travel to Kenya, is highly recommended by the CDC.

3. Anti-Malarial Medication.

No matter your accommodations or the length of your visit to Kenya, be sure to pack anti-Malarial medication recommended by your travel doctor. Mosquito-borne illnesses are quite common in Kenya and can restrict the ability of travelers who become infected to return to the United States.

4. Mosquito Nets.

Mosquito nets treated with Permethrin will help ensure your safety from Mosquito bites during sleep.

5. Bug Sprays and Sunblock Containing DEET.

Whether you’re planning on exploring Kenya’s national parks or touring cities, be sure to pack bug sprays and sunblock with DEET to protect from mosquitos and other bugs that could transmit serious and highly-contagious illnesses.

6. Hats and Sunglasses.

The Kenyan sun can be unforgiving to unaccustomed skin, so be sure to wear hats and sunglasses in combination with sunblock and DEET repellent whenever you spend time outdoors. Your scalp, ears and eyes will thank you!

7. Plug Adapter.

U.S.-made plugs won’t work in Kenyan outlets, so be sure to pack a plug adapter if you plan to use hair styling tools or charge cameras, laptops, cell phones or entertainment devices.

8. Neat Clothing.

When packing for Kenya, keep the neat and modest local dressing standard in mind. Long pants and tailored tops free from holes, tears and stains are best, and will also help protect from bug bites and sunburn.