Entry Requirements for China

Understanding the entry and exit requirements of the Republic of China is essential to ensure your trip starts off on the right foot. Having a valid passport with at least 6 months validity is required in order to entry the country along with a valid visa.

Additional information on the entry and exit requirements for US Citizens can be found on the US State Department website. In addition to having a valid passport and visa, it is important to have an established itinerary prior to your trip. This is especially true if you plan on visiting remote areas and the Tibet region as they require special permits.

Many regions, such as the Tibet Autonomour Region (TAR) and other remote areas, require special permits for tourist travel. Permits are not always granted, as during certain times the PRC may not allow foreigners to enter an area it deems restricted. The easiest way to apply for the appropriate permit is through a local Chinese travel agent. Permits usually cost approximately RMB 200, are single-entry, and are valid for a maximum of three months. The TAR remains a sensitive area for travel, and even when travel to Tibet is allowed, usually only Lhasa and part of Shan Nan are open to foreigners. If you do enter a restricted area without the requisite permit, you could be fined, taken into custody, and deported for illegal entry. A Border Travel Permit (bianfangzheng) is required for travel in and around the TAR and the Nepal border area. Read more…

If your trip will be taking you to Hong Kong or Macau and you plan on re-entering Mainland China, you will need a multiple-entry visa. For the most current information on the requirements for a multiple-entry visa as well as other visas, check with the Chinese Embassy.