On-site Flu Clinics in Your Workplace

Flu Shot Clinics for your Workplace

The flu will cost your company money each year. Use Passport Health’s flu cost calculator to find out exactly how much. Luckily, this is one bill you don’t have to pay. With 250+ clinics nationwide and on-site clinic capability, Passport Health can save your company time and money via an onsite flu clinic. Call 1-888-986-8868 to speak with an account representative for more information.
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It’s Flu Season. WATCH to learn about the benefits of an onsite flu clinic for your organization:

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  • Don’t lose out on productivity
  • Reduce sick days
  • Show your employees you care about their health
  • We come to you for on-site clinics
  • Flexible billing options
Advantages of a Passport Health On-site Flu Clinic

Get a Return on Your Immunization
On-site Clinics Include
See What our Clients Have to Say
Flexible Billing Options Nationwide
Biometric Screenings can be a great addition to a flu clinic

Get a Return on Your Immunization

  • Up to 20% of the workforce gets sick with the flu each year, and each of those employees loses an average of 5 work days annually
  • Companies lose millions of dollars due to absenteeism and increased medical costs
  • Make it a policy to vaccinate your employees against the flu every year to maximize performance
  • Your bottom line, and your healthy employees, will thank you!
  • How much will the flu cost your company each year? Use Passport Health’s flu cost calculator to find out.

On-site Clinics Include:

  • Education and communication before, during, and after the clinic
  • Immunization-trained Registered Nurses
  • Coordination, registration, set-up, and administration of the clinic

See What our Clients Have to Say:

  • “…We had our shots yesterday, Tuesday, October 15, 2013, and I wanted to let you know that this was the best service…” Read more >>
  • “The flu clinic went very well! We had 71 participants (last year we only had 54.) John Wade our nurse did a great job and…” Read more >>

Flexible Billing Options Nationwide:

  • Direct bill to the local office or corporate headquarters
  • Company partial pay, in conjunction with employee partial pay
  • Employee direct payment at time of service
  • Voucher system as determined by the Passport Health clinic and your company
  • Passport Health tailors our services to suit your needs

Biometric Screenings can be a great addition to a flu clinic:

  • get a sense of the health of your employee population
  • provide employees with data on current and potential medical issues
  • help employees recognize strategies for disease prevention and better health

Learn more about Biometric Screenings and ask an account representative about adding this service onto your on-site flu clinic.

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