Massachusetts Travel Clinic Team Members

Medical Director: Matt Phillips, MD
Dr. Matt Phillips has been associated with the founders of Passport Health nationally for many years. He joined Passport Health in Massachusetts from their start in 2007.
Director of Nursing Resources: Vicki Sowards, RN.

Travel Medicine Specialists

Ezra Woldeamlak, Travel Medicine SpecialistEzra Woldeamlak, RN
Ezra Woldeamlak has over six years of Nursing experience in Ethiopia and more than one year experience as an RN in the Boston area.  Ezra attended the Welcome Back Center for Foreign Nurses to obtain his licensure and began his RN career as a clinical nurse in a Rehab hospital. Ezra’s previous experiences as a Community Health Worker and Medical Interpreter assisting the region’s Ethiopian and Eritrean communities has given him experience working with diverse populations. Ezra enjoys listening to music, jogging and reading in his free time.

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