Why Do I Need Travel Vaccines?

Key Takeaways:
  • International travel involves extensive saving, preparation, and detailed packing considerations.
  • International travel should also involve planning for good health.
  • Be sure to visit a Travel Health Specialist to determine the travel vaccines and medications you need so all of your planning is not wasted on a trip spent sick in bed!

Taking an international trip requires extensive planning. From saving up, to getting a passport and visa, to making the logistical travel arrangements (plane tickets, hotel, rental car, train tickets, restaurant reservations, etc.), to packing, to getting the correct form of currency, there is a lot to do before you leave home! You have made sure that you have every last detail accounted for…but have you accounted for your health? Getting the right travel vaccinations and medications for your destination could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected medical costs and countless hours of medical care.  Be sure all of your planning involves a plan for good health during the trip of a lifetime!

You’ve Saved…
For years or maybe even a lifetime, you have been dreaming of a trip to Thailand, or Vietnam, or India. To make your international travel dreams a reality:

  • You lived off of Ramen noodles for months.
  • You created a travel fund.
  • You passed up on going out to eat.
  • You gave up your daily Starbucks.
  • You sold the clutter around your house.
  • You even took a second job.

You’ve Planned…
Your pre-travel preparations have been extensive, thorough, and time consuming:

  • You renewed your passport.
  • You obtained your visa.
  • You notified your financial institutions of your itinerary.
  • You arranged for your neighbor to handle your mail and care for your home during your absence.
  • You made arrangements to board your pet.
  • You got a pre-travel physical exam and obtained an extra supply of your prescription medication to bring along.
  • You learned enough of the language of your destination to be able to exchange pleasantries, read signs and ask basic questions.
  • You learned the social customs that are appropriate in your destination.
  • You’ve spent months studying the climate and weather conditions to guide your packing considerations.
  • You’ve read every guidebook and travel blog published.

You’ve Packed…

  • You bought a new swimsuit for the beach.
  • You bought a new wardrobe for your safari.
  • You purchased plug adapters so you can use your small appliances.
  • Somehow, you even got it all to fit in a suitcase.

Have You Protected Your Health with Travel Vaccinations and Medications?
Imagine missing out on the beaches of Thailand because you contracted Typhoid fever…
Just think what it would be like to see no more of Peru than the inside of your hotel room because you got a case of Yellow Fever…
How awful would it be to not get to enjoy your safari because you are suffering with malaria?
No one wants to see those vacation photos…

These scenarios are by no means far-fetched. Diseases that have been eradicated or are uncommon at home can be prevalent abroad. Indeed, Hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, polio, malaria, and Japanese Encephalitis are very real concerns for travelers. Take the same care with your health as you have with all other aspects of your planning; a simple visit to a travel clinic for immunizations for travel before you depart will help you to prevent these diseases and mitigate other health issues abroad. Not only are immunizations for travel inexpensive when compared to the cost of medical care, they are your best guarantee of priceless memories created during your international excursions!

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