Corporate Physical Exam Programs: A Range of Benefits

It’s not only Human Resources Managers who understand how important a healthy workforce is.  It’s just common sense that healthy employees are going to be happier and more productive than those who are feeling under the weather or dealing with a potentially un-diagnosed health problem.  With a corporate health program YOU have the power to positively influence the health and well-being of your employees and grow your bottom line.

Corporate Health Programs for large groups
Passport Health offers a Range of Corporate Health Programs

The Difference between Corporate Wellness Programs and Corporate Health Insurance

You may be thinking, “My company offers employee health insurance, so we don’t need a separate wellness program.”  However, although these two areas of health are certainly related, they are also quite distinct.  The primary distinction is that health insurance covers your employees should they become ill, but a health screening is preventative in nature.   Indeed, corporate health programs are designed help to uncover any potential health issues before they become serious problems.

The Benefits of Corporate Health Programs

Whether you decide on periodic wellness examinations, health screenings, or a full-blown corporate wellness program, there are numerous benefits to investing in the health of your employees.

Event-specific company physical exams can help identify potential health problems before work-related travel or a new hire and recommend a corrective course of action for the employee. In this way, the employee can act before becoming ill to maintain his or her health, resulting in fewer sick days.  Additionally, business physical exams are ideal for identifying minor as well as major health issues.  The opportunity to discuss and get assistance for minor aches and pains will result in happier, more comfortable, and more productive workers.

Providing a corporate wellness program also helps to establish loyalty among employees. If an employee knows that the company is providing him or her with a valuable service and investing in his or her future well-being, the employee is more likely to remain loyal to the company. Long-term employees mean less investment in the time consuming recruitment, hiring, and training process.

Corporate health programs can also result in less presenteeism.  Even minor discomforts and illnesses adversely impact the efficiency of employees.  Even though an employee is physically present, he or she may not be optimally productive if dealing with an undiagnosed condition.

In Summary

Although corporate wellness programs have an upfront cost, the return on investment is quick and substantial. Less absenteeism, fewer sick days, and less presenteeism combine to save the company money in the long-term. Overall productivity levels will rise, loyalty to the company will increase, and workers will be happy, healthy, and efficient.

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